Dave Gorkin, PhD

Principal Investigator

Contact: david.gorkin -at-
More info: Emory faculty page, google scholar, pubmed, LinkedIn, ORCID

Susan Plott

Research Specialist, Lead

Contact: splott -at-

Yonina Loskove

Ph.D. Student, GMB Program

Contact: yonina.loskove -at-

Alex Gulka

Ph.D. Student, GMB Program

Contact: alexander.gulka -at-
More info: ORCID

Ziben Zhou

Ph.D. Student, BCDB Program

Contact: ziben.zhou -at-

Sona Davis

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Contact: sona.davis -at-
More info: LinkedIn

Wendy Wang

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Contact: wendy.wang3 -at-

Devin Gee

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Contact: devin.gee -at-

Kihoon Alan Kang

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Contact: alan.kang -at-

Lab Alumni

Sara Flano. Undergraduate student researcher, and Honors thesis student. 2021-2023.

Mokshith Mannuru. High school student researcher. 2021-2023.

Sylvie Call. Undergraduate Student Researcher. 2021-2023.

Jordyn Kirksey. Undergraduate Student Researcher. 2021-2022.

Group photos and fun

ASHG 2023 in Washington DC
Impromptu photo op after lab meeting, 10/25/2023
The lab hosts “Third Friday” Happy Hour, 1/20/2023
Lab photo, 9/15/2022