How does a single genetic blueprint give rise to the trillions of highly specialized cells in a human being? To carry out this amazing feat, our cells have an array of proteins – collectively referred to as “epigenetic machinery” – that layer epigenetic information on top of the genetic blueprint. Our lab uses genomic approaches to understand how epigenetic machinery works, and what happens when it malfunctions.

Our laboratory is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for staff and trainees. Please read a full statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) from the laboratory’s director, below.

Latest News…

New lab members!

We’re thrilled to have Susan Plott join our team as Lead Research Specialist, and Mohamed Momin join our team as Senior Bioinformatics […]

Land Acknowledge and History

Emory Faculty have developed an unofficial Land Acknowledgement and History Statement for Emory University. This is one important step — but only […]

Seeking a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist…

We’re seeking a Bioinformatics Scientist to join our team, who is excited about analyzing cutting-edge single-cell and multi-omic data to answer questions […]


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